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Seven Celebrities Who Love to Play Poker

Las Vegas has become a hot spot for celeb spotting and it’s easy to see a Hollywood star or big name music artist relaxing and enjoying a game of cards in Sin City. Poker is the most popular game in the casino, due in part to the skill, nerve and audacity needed to be a winner. However, it doesn’t always have to be a high-stake game and some of the most enjoyable rounds are played for pennies or even nothing at all.

Poker in particular seems to be a huge draw for the rich and famous. The game has been glamorised in film for years and icons like James Bond and the Cincinnati Kid have turned this pastime into a game of suspense that always has an exciting finish. Here we’ll take a look at six well known celebs who know their flushes from their full houses.

Ben Affleck

Ben got into a bit of trouble after being caught counting cards whilst playing blackjack in the Hard Rock, but this won’t stop him from jumping into high stakes games elsewhere. He is alleged to have lost as much as $400k while playing in a secret Hollywood poker ring.

Matt Damon

Wherever you find Affleck, Damon isn’t far behind, or so the saying goes. Matt hasn’t really made an impact on the scene, but this can be forgiven for his acting performance in the poker classic Rounders. 

Sam Simon

The co-creator of the Simpsons is no stranger to a game of Hold ‘Em and even had his own TV show on the Playboy channel that showed the raucous, big-pot games that he held at home with his celebrity friends. Simon even went pro for a while before hitting it big with the yellow family from Springfield.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey is apparently so good he has amassed over $10 million in lifetime winnings and allegedly features in high-stake, celebrity invite only games held behind closed doors in LA. Maguire’s acting skills probably come in useful when he’s trying his best to put everyone off betting against him.

Michael Phelps

The most decorated Olympic swimmer of all time is known to party hard behind the scenes and has been spotted in some of the biggest casinos in the world. He even made an appearance at the World Poker Stars tournament in 2013. Let’s hope he doesn’t get desperate and resort to putting one of his 23 Olympic golds down on the table when the going gets tough.

James Woods

James is one of Las Vegas’ regulars and can often be seen mixing with the best poker players in the world. His relaxed approach and story of turning a hobby into a passion make him popular at championship events or open games all over the world. He even played the role of card hustler Lester Diamond in the film Casino.

These big names just go to show that poker can be mastered by people from all walks of life, despite its ‘rich and famous’ image. Poker is still a game that provides excitement and entertainment, even for those who have it all.

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