Guy Thinks He’s Meeting Crush At Halloween Party Only To Discover The Bad News


When I say this I first thought: “I bet the girl he went to meet was actually a dude” and I wasn’t 100% wrong! This just goes to show, you can’t trust anybody these days.


How have people not learned that if it’s to seems to good to be true IT ALWAYS IS!


This is a new fresh cut for this poor guy. It goes to show you should never send dick picks to anyone ever. He Posted his crazy Halloween night on Reddit:


Surprisingly, this did happen last night but it started a few weeks ago. I  was talking to this girl for about 3 weeks. She added me on Instagram and seemed hot but was private. I added her back and thats when she first messaged me.


She was on my campus and we talked all day about things going on. She seemed perfect, had similar interests and hobbies and was easy to talk too.


(this is who the dude thought he was talking to)



I got the courage to ask her out but she declined. Things were awkward for a little and we didn’t talk for a few days. Then she added me from a different account.


She was messaging me from her “promo account” now. When I asked what that was it was basically the one she used to contact business and clients or photographers. A lot of people today have been telling me that should have been a red flag but why would I think it wasn’t her when it was her pics and she had all the contact info there.


Yes I had sent her dick pics in return for some of her. Or who I thought was her.

Here is where the fuck up happens. We finally set up a time to meet in person. Last night at the Halloween party off campus. I got the outfit off Amazon that she suggested would “fit me good” that only cost $140… She also told me to bring some weed so I got dressed back some weed and headed out the door.



I messaged her after 30 mins of waiting at the party before I finally got a response. She told me to head into the kitchen which took me 15 mins to get there (place was packed) Only to get there and see she said she went upstairs. When I got upstairs I saw my sister and her boyfriend. I thought it was a coincidence until I saw both of there faces. I knew something was up and her douche boyfriend said in his douchiest voice: “you got the weed?”


I wanted to knock him out but was also so sad. I yelled at her while they laughed and asked why. She told me they were bored and “I snitched on them to Mom awhile back” Douchebag Chris also commented on my dick and said he enjoyed watching me stroke it.


I want to kill myself.


tl:dr Thought I was meeting the girl I met online and sent dick video 2; turned out to be my sister and her bf getting revenge


Edit: Thanks for the gold stranger and yes I went home and smoked the weed. I also added the real girl they were using to catfish me on IG. Hopefully, she sees this feels bad for me and adds me back.

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